About Us

 In the city that never sleeps, Lola & Lex were born.

  Who are we? We are the daydreamers dancing in the rain & the reckless souls screaming barefoot in the park. We are Lola & Lex and NYC is our playground.

 Wait! Are you guys twins?

  In our 24 years of twin livin’ we have probably heard that questions over a million times. Of course by this point you would think we would have the most amazing clever and intriguing answer to this question. Unfortunately you would be so wrong, like Robin Thicke grinding on Miley Cyrus wrong. Nope after a million of these awkward twin encounters we’ve got nada. So even though we’d love to tell you all about our twin shenanigans and what its like to share a face with another person, it’s just not that easy when your in the middle of handling your delicates or face deep in a roast beef sandwich. So instead we decided to put it all here on this very blog. Yup, for all of you that would love to know the secret lives of twins now’s your chance. We promise you its just as exciting as you expect, think The Olsen twins in their straight to VHS movies, lots of matching hats, catchy songs and syncornized dancing. So sit back relax and enjoy Lola & Lex in the City!

About Us Pictures

02.05.15 Lola & Lex Signiture


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