California Dreamin’

Lola's Girls.jpg

Hi All!! Me & Lex recently moved to sunny California so I wanted to give an update on all of the changes that have happened with Lola  & Lex, our full time careers & what’s to come in the future!

Why’d You Move To California?!!?
Now bear with me because Lex is the writer of the two but now I’ll be taking charge of writing the blog posts. The reason behind the big move was because Lex got her dream job at Buzzfeed working as an Operation Specialist on their branded videos. She’s been there for over 2 months already and loves it! I saw this as a great oppurtunity for me to branch off into freelance design. I had already been freelancing on the side for over a year and was able to make the leap to full time.
What’s to come for Lola & Lex…
Now that I’m freelancing I have a lot more time to focus on Lola & Lex. The brand has always been an outlet for me to express my creativity outside of a 9-5 schedule. My vision for the future is to create a space where I can showcase all of my passions & art, in the hopes that it will inspire other young dreamers, creators & doers to follow their dreams as well. We will also be posting updates on our lives in LA with fun videos, pictures and stories so stay tuned!



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