For the last 2 months Lola and I have set our sights on a new goal, to be the best twin improvisers or maybe the only. We signed up for the Level 1 improv class at the PIT which meets every Thursday. In each 3 hour class we learned the rules or lack there of  as well as tricks to start scenes and make them last. Being funny was not at the top of the list for getting started in level 1 improv , which was good because just remembering how to form words was difficult at the start of the class. Some helpful tips we learned were things like creating an emotion for your character or starting with a big gesture at the beginning of the scene. Tricks like this took our minds off of creating a scene and instead just following your instincts. We were lucky to have a great class of creative, fun and interesting people! We are all confident in our improv improvements from day 1 up until our graduation show this past Saturday. We are also lucky to have my mother in the audience who captured our scenes and laughed uncontrollably at our corny jokes. Much appreciated!



                   Our Level 1 Improv class after our Graduation Show!


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Lex’s Scenes

Lola’s Scenes 

Final bow in slow motion?!

This post was written by Lex and edited by Lola


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