Jamaica, Jamaica

Lets face it, once the holidays are over the winter just plain ole sucks. So what’s one to do when its mid January and your stuck in that gloomy drab feeling…get the hell out! One of our favorite times to go on vacation is the middle of the Winter. You get a week to forget what it feels like to have your toes turn to ice and you come back with a lovely tan that really pops next to that white snow! Here are some of the highlights from our recent trip to Jamaica!

Snapped a quick pic on my phone of the weather prior to taking off in a snow storm


Quick Red Stripe stop on our way to the Resort


Lola taking those lovely first steps into the sun…can you feel that happiness?10961969_10155323787815096_1883523545_n

Beach Vibes



Lola wearing our Always Dreaming Skirt in the Kaleidoscope print 

11004188_10155323787725096_68864349_n Model Behavior!?!? 10984804_10155323787675096_998553015_n

Peaches & Cream

Drinks with Grandma..always a good time10984922_10155323787570096_1215861439_n



Lopez Ladies on our Last Day11004703_10155323787610096_1588204478_n

One last Margarita before they send us back to the Arctic Tundra of NYC


Until Next time Jamaica!

02.05.15 Lola & Lex Signiture


NYFW Lex’s Picks

My favorite looks from NYFW Autumn/Winter 2015NYFW-Lex Picks

My top picks from New York Fashion Week were a little all over the place, let’s go with eclectic. I was immediately drawn to the fun printed pieces, especially loving the whole crop top and printed maxi look that graced the runway. At the same time I couldn’t get enough of the edgy layered looks seen at Rodarte and Milly.

                                           xo, Lex

NYFW Lola’s Picks

My favorite looks from NYFW Autumn/Winter 2015NYFW-Lola Picks

As you can probaly tell from my selection, I kinda have a thing for flirty frocks and masculine fedoras. I love the effortless chic to these ensembles. Even the Lela Rose two piece has a sense of simplicity that still demands to be noticed.

P.S Maybe if I start saving now I can afford the Nicole Miller fur collar coat by next Winter

                                                                     xo, Lola

Brunch is the New Black

5 letters, 2 hours & unlimited Mimosas. 

Yes, Brunch otherwise known as heaven on earth. Let me paint an all too familiar picture…It’s Saturday morning and you just awoke with a thirst, no not that thirst you had last night but a new one. One that can only be quenched with a goblet sized mimosa, or a poinsettia for all you orange juice haters. When choosing the perfect brunch spot there are many factors one must consider prior to this coveted gathering. Here are a few key factors to consider when making one of the most important decisions of your life, ok ok of your Saturday
Drink limit 
    a.k.a how many Bloody Mary’s can you chug before your waiter drops that dreaded check. The typical time is around 2 hours, but if you get lucky or find a way to charm the watch off your waitress you can sometimes stay up to 4 hours. Its also key to know the speed of service at any given joint. 
Brunch Menu
   you didn’t think we only went for the drinks. Our favorite Brunch spots usually have a set food menu, that way regardless what you get your paying the same price. I mean when else are you going to get to order that $25 Lobster Eggs Benedict, if your like us then probably never. 
Lobster Eggs Benedict
    Food & drink aren’t the only things to keep in mind when getting your brunch on. Lets not forget about our setting. This can be key to any good day of gluttony, not like there can be a bad day. But let’s just say there is, imagine waiting those excruciating 5 days for brunch only to end up sat next to a group of toddlers slinging hash browns for the hell of it. 
Here are our go to Brunch spots
Time Limit: 1.5 Hrs
Attention to customer: extremely attentive, never see the bottom of your glass attentive 
Price: $28.70 for 1 entree & unlimited drinks
Location: East Village
Favorite Feature: High energy, fun crowd 
Time Limit: 2 Hrs, but usually not to strict on the time
Attention to customer: very attentive
Price: $16 for unlimited drinks + price of your entree ($11 – $18)
Location: Upper East Side
Favorite Feature: Wide open space, never have to wait to be sat
Added bonus: dripping in guys in plaids. 
The Crooked Knife
Time Limit: 2 Hrs
Attention to customer: attentive
Price: $29 for 1 entree & unlimited drinks. Menu features higher price point meals all for set price. 
Location: Midtown 
Favorite Feature: Cozy spot with great decor. Perfect for a rainy day.
02.05.15 Lola & Lex Signiture