California Dreamin’

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Hi All!! Me & Lex recently moved to sunny California so I wanted to give an update on all of the changes that have happened with Lola  & Lex, our full time careers & what’s to come in the future!

Why’d You Move To California?!!?
Now bear with me because Lex is the writer of the two but now I’ll be taking charge of writing the blog posts. The reason behind the big move was because Lex got her dream job at Buzzfeed working as an Operation Specialist on their branded videos. She’s been there for over 2 months already and loves it! I saw this as a great oppurtunity for me to branch off into freelance design. I had already been freelancing on the side for over a year and was able to make the leap to full time.
What’s to come for Lola & Lex…
Now that I’m freelancing I have a lot more time to focus on Lola & Lex. The brand has always been an outlet for me to express my creativity outside of a 9-5 schedule. My vision for the future is to create a space where I can showcase all of my passions & art, in the hopes that it will inspire other young dreamers, creators & doers to follow their dreams as well. We will also be posting updates on our lives in LA with fun videos, pictures and stories so stay tuned!



Open Shop!

We’ve recently re-added the shop link to our website. We’re selling our original designs on tee’s, tanks & sweatshirts. If you want to put a design on a different product, just let us know…..Also stay tuned for one off hand made dresses & skirts to be added as there created and special requests!

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Twin Life

The best kept secret is finally out. What its really like being a twin. Check out what our life is really like in this straight to VHS movie, Twin Life!

Click the image below!


Voice-over by: Adam Ross
A Lola & Lex production



For the last 2 months Lola and I have set our sights on a new goal, to be the best twin improvisers or maybe the only. We signed up for the Level 1 improv class at the PIT which meets every Thursday. In each 3 hour class we learned the rules or lack there of  as well as tricks to start scenes and make them last. Being funny was not at the top of the list for getting started in level 1 improv , which was good because just remembering how to form words was difficult at the start of the class. Some helpful tips we learned were things like creating an emotion for your character or starting with a big gesture at the beginning of the scene. Tricks like this took our minds off of creating a scene and instead just following your instincts. We were lucky to have a great class of creative, fun and interesting people! We are all confident in our improv improvements from day 1 up until our graduation show this past Saturday. We are also lucky to have my mother in the audience who captured our scenes and laughed uncontrollably at our corny jokes. Much appreciated!



                   Our Level 1 Improv class after our Graduation Show!


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Lex’s Scenes

Lola’s Scenes 

Final bow in slow motion?!

This post was written by Lex and edited by Lola

Twinning in Tandem

This past week Lola and I did something we haven’t done in close to 20 years. Something I never thought we would do again. We wore matching outfits. On purpose. I know what your thinking. What’s the big deal? You always accidentally put on the same thing? Well this time was different. There is something strange about matching a face and your clothing that just freaks us out. Anyway I digress, you may be wondering why we decided after all these years to throw on some matching duds and frolic like twins? Two words (hehe twin jokes). Tandem Twinning. Yup this past week we joined over 150 sets of twins in Central Park to break the world record for most amount of twins riding tandem bikes at once.


A blurry morning selfie on the Twin Party Bus!


The day started at the lovely hour of 5:00 am. Dressed in our twin best we headed over to Central Park bright and early to join the twin madness. We knew we were getting close when a group of girls shrieked in horror?excitement? Im not too sure, at the groups of twins marching their way from various locations. Upon arrival they immediately shuffled a group of twins onto a bus. The minute we got on the bus we knew this would be one interesting morning. We were riding a party bus. A party bus I may add filled with identical twins DRESSED ALIKE! It was a scene out of a movie, horror or comedy Im not quite sure. We rode the bus up to 107th street gossiping with our fellow twins about, well about top secret twin stuff that I would love to share with you but ya know Twin Code and all. When we got to the park we were met with a lovely breakfast and TWINNING Tees to match our twinificant other. We then went to pick out our bikes. Now its safe to say that not many people have ridden tandem before. Us included. Lets just say we were a little nervous about riding this odd contraption. They let us take a practice lap around the park to get in sync with the bikes and in my opinion to weed out the twins who were not prepared for the journey ahead. We were cautious and foresaw a lot of “twinjuries” in the near future, ours being one of them. After a wobbly start and  some common twin bickering we began to find our groove. We were pedaling at an alarming snail speed, which I found to be just right. After our somewhat successful practice run, we were ready for the real deal. We had a taste of the fast and tandem life and we wanted more. Unfortunately, we had to wait another hour and half to take off, due to this being filmed on live TV. So not only were we possibly going to fall flat on our faces, but we were going to do it on national television. I don’t know about you but I like my embarrassment painful and widely televised. When it was finally go time, we found out that we would be at the front of the pack and directly behind the host of Good Morning America when she announces the race. By this point we had been outside in the humid heat for over 2 hours, so to say we were looking good would be the farthest thing from the truth. Not to mention the helmut head. But we were surrounded by our people and a good time was to be had. If anyone was watching the news at 8:30 am they would be surprised to see a sweaty Lola & Lex waving and cheering like the upsurd twins we are. Not only that but our graceful start to the race was perfectly captured. Yes, we wobbled but i’ll be dammed these wobbles did not fall down!


Made some new twin friends Dominic and Stefen!11753740_10155945441680096_1224233134_n

A little behind the scene action..waiting for the race to begin

Now let me just say, riding a tandem bike with your best bud in Central Park is one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. As I was speeding (yes, we did actually end up picking up speed..ok the hills helped) through the park with the wind in my hair and my sister attached to the bike with me I couldn’t think of more perfect way to spend a Wednesday morning.


Here’s the video of our 15 seconds of Twin Fame

Our favorite freeze frame from the news segment 

This post was written by Lex and edited by Lola

Frying Away at the Frying Pan and other Memorial Day Weekend Adventures

While most of the city flocked to pretty beaches and swanky pools this Memorial Weekend, we decided to stay in the city and see what fun we could get into. With such amazing weather in store for us we planned our days around outside activities. What better activity to start with then a Mexican style boozy brunch. We discovered that the best way to enjoy a brunch is by setting yourself up for success drink wise. To the much despair of our friend we uncovered that no one and I mean no one, even if you think you have a stomach with a metal lining, should start off their meal with a spicy margarita. It does not set the tone for a stellar brunch, plus it puts you seriously behind on the drink count with your friends. After brunch we moseyed on over to Central Park where we listened to music, thew around a Frisbee and secretly sipped on coconut rum…don’t judge. With half of the NYC population away we had a decent amount of space to relax and only hit about 10 people with our poorly thrown Frisbee.


wearing our chartreuse marble & tassel bracelet for a touch of neon



We ended Saturday at The Boat Basin where we got to watch the sun set!

We woke up Sunday to even more beautiful weather and the prospect of two more days of shenanigans. We decided it would be the perfect day for the Frying Pan. We got there at 1pm on the dot to sunny skies and the idea of Pitchers of Sangria floating through our heads. We found the boat to not be overly crowded and were able to secure ourselves two tables on the upper deck in, what seemed ideal at the time, the direct sunlight. We dressed in our best nautical themed attire; cropped tops and matching shorts which we somehow didn’t realize were “matching” until pointed out hours into the day. We spent a good part of the day laughing and drinking buckets of corona.



Like any good friends who all forgot to put on sunscreen we adopted the rule “Friends don’t let friends unevenly tan” and with that we rotated chairs every hour to allow for maximum tanning. And thank the sweet sun gods we did because boy did we burn…evenly of course!

(wearing our Tear Drop Necklace)

IMG_0246 IMG_0231 IMG_0229IMG_0236 IMG_2950

IMG_0257   Never leave home without back up (a perfectly timed picture)


The perfect end to a perfect weekend!

02.05.15 Lola & Lex Signiture